Saturday, 25 January 2014

Swarvoski earrings

When I was younger, my sister and I were very close as there's only a 16 month age gap between us. We were both very entrepreneurial and after working out some overhead costs, we decided to set up our own little business in attempt to make a decent profit whilst taking part in one of our favourite creative hobbies.

We were designing, creating and selling handmade earrings with Swarvoski crystals and Swarvoski pearls.
We found a good online wholesaler, where we bought the swarvoski and overall, they were a massive success with our consumers. (All earrings came in a silver pouch and were all gift wrapped - making them perfect presents!)

Here are a few samples of the earrings that we made from scratch!

These were my favourite pair of earrings, as it involved a lot of skill and time. My sister called these the twislers and we sold a lot of this particular design because they can be worn on any occasion - casual/ formal and because the colour is neutral, people are able to wear these with any coloured outfit.  

These are the lovely pearl swarvoski earrings that are a basic yet classic and elegant design. Perfect with any outfit and occasson! 

My favourite colour is purple and I just absolutely love these earrings because they are glamourous but can be dressed down as well which is what I love about all these earrings. The multipurpose wear is why they were such a great success. 

These were also a good seller and very simple to make.

If you're a girly girl and love a splash of pink, then I'm sure these earrings would appeal to you because there's a hint of soft pink along with the gorgeous Swarovski pearls! 

I would love to take up this hobby again when I have some free time and lots of money to open up the business again and start making! If you are interested in any of the above earrings then please get in touch and I can see if I still have any left over. 

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