Friday, 24 January 2014

Beauty products 2014

Whilst I was tidying my room earlier, I stumbled across a makeup bag which my sister has pointed out is hers … Pffttt! Anyway, I had a peek inside and found some lovely makeup that I forgot I even had.
The ginkgo’s secret extra rich hand balm is amazing and is definitely a product that I would purchase again. It’s a perfect moisturising cream to use at this time of year when most of our hands are usually dry and cracked. This cream acts as a healing lotion and contains ginseng which is the symbol for immortality. The ginkgo boloba is also known to strengthen the blood vessels!

The Mac eye liner gel is the best – fact! I absolutely love this product because it allows you to chose the shade you would like. You use a liner brush to apply the product and depending on what look you are going for, you can either apply a small amount – perfect for daywear or a heavy amount of the gel liner for an evening, smoky eye look.

I also have the Mac lipstick which I love! It’s shade number 4 and is a hot pink colour with a slight little shimmer to it which is perfect for the spring/ summer time.

For those that don’t use lipsticks, I have a soap and glory lipgloss called ‘sexy mother pucker’ this lipgloss is a hot pink and also has a shimmer to it. It’s not a sticky gloss which is a definite plus and it’s also very long lasting.

I generally purchase nails inc nail vanishes and I have recently purchased a lovely Maroon coloured vanish called Victoria. I think this dark colour looks great at this time of the year!

I’ve also got this lovely peach coloured shimmery vanish from the marks and Spencer’s range – autograph! It has been recommended to dry quicker than a normal vanish and I think this colour is perfect for the spring/ summer months approaching.

The Estée Lauder eye cream is a ‘Must Buy’ for anyone wanting a hydrating and smooth under eye. This product works magic and I really enjoy using it because I have found that it rejuvenates the area around my eyes and gives me a fresh look whereas before I would have large black circles around my eyes.

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