Friday, 24 January 2014

5 Top favourite fake tans

At this time of year, most of us are generally ghostly pale and are seeking some form of fake tan to give us a healthy looking glow.
I have gathered together 5 of my favourite fake tans for you to use during these horrible dark and cold months. I have extensively tried and tested all of these products and will give you honest recommendations.
Fake don’t bake!
Bronze ambition – deep ‘n’ dark! No streaks, dark effect formula.
I used this product a lot last summer. You can apply it to the face as well as the body which I found was good and it only takes 2-4 hours to activate and build up on the skin.
I used to exfoliate my face and body with a gentle body scrub and then apply this cream with a mitt to the areas I wanted to tan. I really enjoy using this product because it doesn’t carry a horrible scent like many other tanning creams generally do which is a definite positive! I also like the idea that it works it’s way into the skin and produces a naturally looking tan within 2-4 hours because it doesn’t rub off or leave your skin looking oily or too unnatural.
In my opinion, this is a great product and I will definitely be using it again soon! Especially as I look like a ghost right now.
Price: £2.99

St Tropez
Instant glow body lotion – wash off
I like this tanning lotion because it’s very light weight and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly. It’s a dark brown coloured cream and takes effect instantly which is good because you can see what your tan will look like straight away.
The cream nourishes the skin with a blend of softening oils as well as a prickly pear extract to sooth and hydrate the skin. It has a light fragrance which isn’t too strong meaning you can wear perfume over the top if you wish. Also, the tan washes off instantly which is also a plus.
Price: £12.75

St Tropez – skin illuminator 
Instant glow face lotion – wash off
This St. Tropez product is similar to the one above, however this one can be used on the face. It leaves the face with a naturally golden looking tan – streak free!
Price: £12.00

Nip + fab 
365 body glow fix
This is a clear tanning gel which is a medium colour, perfect for my skin type. I would definitely recommend this product because it gives off a lovely natural,sun kissed glow.
This product is a fast quick drying gel, that’s hydrating as well as streak free. It takes effect within 4 hours of application and brightens and refreshes the skin with it’s white tea extracts, as well as moisturising and protecting skin with it’s vitamin E ingredient.
This is a lovely product and I will definitely be purchasing this again when it runs out.
Price: £7.95

Pout self tanning
Sexy sunwear – instant shimmer tan
This lotion is a golden brown colour with shimmer and has a distinct fake tan smell to it which isn’t nice but can always be covered up with perfume once it’s taken effect. It’s an instant tan so you would apply this cream with a mitt to the areas you wish to tan.
I like this product because it leaves you with a beautifully natural looking golden tan. However this product can only be used on the body so you will have to use alternative products for the face.
Price: £5.99

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