Friday, 24 January 2014

A few of my favourite films

My favourite film is ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ It’s about a Journalist who has to find a guy and do all the things that guys hate in a relationship, from calling and leaving 1000′s of messages to being over cute, clingy and extremely needy.  With cuddly toys and a furn that she calls the ‘baby of our relationship’ this film is a MUST SEE for anyone needing some advice on what not to do!
Bridget Jones Diaries is just a classic and is definitely one of my very favourites! If you’re single or in a relationship, this feel good film makes you realise what love and heartache is all about.
Get him to the Greek is just hilarious! I absolutely Love Russell Brand and this film really captures his comedian talents. From start till finish, I am literally on the edge of my seat laughing uncontrollably! If you haven’t watched this already, then it’s a must see if you enjoy the weird and wonderful antics of what singers get up to on tour….
View from the Top is a hilarious comedy about a girl trying to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a flight attendant. She gets everything that shes ever wanted in the end, ‘Paris, first class, international’ but she realises that she misses her boyfriend to much and soon returns back to Clevelandland and be with him.
The Proposal is a light hearted comedy, starring Sandra Bullock who is my favourite actress. The film is about a woman who tricks her employee to marry her so that she can extend her visa, she then ends up falling madly in love with him and the film ends with a very happy ending.
The Notebook is a romantic film about young love from different social classes. They get separated from each other when the summer is up because her parents find out that she has been dating someone from a lower class and are not happy with her decision. This film shows that true love never dies and in the end, they find each other and grow old and die in each others arms.
Harry Potter is an all time classic, which is suitable for the whole family. I love every single film and think J.K Rowling deserves an absolute medal for her imagination!
I love the Twilight series because it takes you to a different world where romance holds a young teenage girl to her vampire crush! From the first film to the last, I was kept very entertained and intensely gripped!
The Devil wears Prada is a great film and is about a young woman in New York that lands herself a job as an assistant for an editor in one of the city’s biggest magazines. The cast stars Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, etc. I love this film so much because its a girly chick flick centered around a stylish career in journalism that I will hopefully go into.
Titanic is a romantic classic that makes me cry everytime, even though I’ve watched it about a 100000x

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