Friday, 24 January 2014

Memories of 2013

I thought I would look back over 2013 and remember all the special memories that I have from that year!
For me, one of the biggest things was meeting the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. It was such a lovely experience to finally meet the very talented Louise Court, who has been editing one of my favourite magazines for many years now.

Another massive highlight of 2013 was moving in with my (ex) partner. We had a beautiful little flat together in a lovely, peaceful village called Swaythling. I loved it so much and made it very homely for us both!

Highlight 3 was being reunited with my old best friend, Stephanie Lee. We were best friends in Primary school, but when my family decided to move to France when I was just nine years old, I lost contact with her for about 8 years! Now, we are so close and best friends again!

Spending lots of time with my beautiful friends was another highlight of 2013. Friends are everything to me!
This is me and Sophie Jo, an old school friend who I’ve known for about 10 years now! This is in a lovely bar in London Bridge, just a few days before Christmas.
This is me, Harriette and Megan (Uni friends) pre-drinking before a night out in Southampton.
This was the line up of Lovebox festival that I went too in 2013 with my lovely sister, Katie. We both ended up suffering really badly with hayfever and left the festival early which wasn’t good but on the walk out we re sold our tickets which was a definite advantage haha!
I went to Spain to visit my Nan, Aunty and two little cousins that I’d never met before! This is me and Phoebe – my adorable little cousin! Shes the cutest and most politest little girl I’ve ever met! This is us having lots of fun in Aqualand – A spainish waterpark!
This is me and one of my best friends who has been there for me through thick and thin! Rob – My God haha! This is us being crazy as usual in starbucks, our favourite place!
This is me and my housemate, Daisy. Our rooms are opposite each others on the 3rd floor of what we like to call, ‘our castle!’ we’ve named each other, ‘Princess Barbie Amy’ and ‘Princess Barbie Daisy’ – Bit vain, but who cares haha!
This is one of my very best friends who I love tonssss! We are predrinking at her house and getting ready for a night out in Poison!
Me, Bethany and Sophie, enjoying coffee at Nero’s in Oxted. (School friends)
Me and Sophie! Known this girl my whole life and love to bits! We will remain friends for life, I’m sure! Please follow her blog: ThePinkCashmere – It’s amazing!
Finally, my last highlight of 2013 was Lloyd Russell, but we broke up in August. 

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