Friday, 24 January 2014


I’m in LINCOLN! Yep, that’s right. Today I traveled all the way from Southampton to Lincoln to see my sister at University and it took me 7 hours by train -It was the longest journey of my life but I’m staying here for 5 whole days so it was definitely worth it and I’m so excited to be here. Plus I’ve never been before and she is now in her 2nd year so I thought it was about time I made the effort to visit her.
After all the stress that I have had to deal with recently, I thought a mini break away to see my lovely little sister would be the perfect solution and already I feel tons better. My head feels clearer and I’ve only been here for a few hours so by the end of this 5 day break I can see that I’ll be feeling on top of the world again and that is exactly how I need to start feeling to pull myself out of this horrid depressed state of mind and be me again!
When my sister came to get me from the station, I got a little glimpse of Lincoln and it was truly overwhelming because its such an amazingly beautiful city!!!  I can definitely see why my sister chose to live and study here. I never thought places this picturesque even existed, I cant wait to explore what Lincoln has to offer tomorrow!

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