Friday, 24 January 2014

Chick Flicks

I LOVE reading, especially when it comes to a good chick flick.
The first book I read from my little collection was ‘When you walked back into my life‘ this book really stood out to me because I was feeling very low after my recent break up and I wanted some positivity and hope.

I really enjoyed this light hearted book and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an inspirational and moving read that is attention grabbing from start to finish. (I read it in about 4 days because I was that hooked) The book wasn’t what I had expected because the heartache of losing her partner was not mentioned, we are just told about when her ex boyfriend reappears back on the scene and confesses his undivided love for her three years of absence. The story has a bitter twist and is very emotional at times (It had me in tears at parts so be warned!) It is a very unexpected read and isn’t really about dealing with heartache.
Three little words, by Jessica Thomas was such a lovely book and definitely very unexpected. It was a combination of several different anecdotes which all seemed very different from one another at the start, but by the end of the book all stories came together to form  the overall picture.
Three little words is essentially about love, murder and forgiveness, it is a very thought provoking and moving story about a young woman whose partner was tragically murdered by accident. The small anecdotes of all different stories on love, tragedy, disfunctional families and separation all blend together to form the overall story and forgiveness is the happy ending, as Bryony forgives Keon – the boy who murdered her loved one.
Three little words: MAX… I love you … I forgive you – This book is a ‘Must read’

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