Friday, 24 January 2014

Christmas presents

I know that we’re in January now, but I’ve been rushed off my feet these past few weeks, working on two major pieces of work for Uni However, I have literally just submitted them both and I couldn’t be more relieved at this moment in time. So, I thought that I would update you lot about all my lovely Christmas gift – Very overdue post, I know.
This Christmas, I really and truly wasn’t expecting that much, considering I’m 20 now and am leading my own life at Uni,  but I was very fortunate and I did receive some really lovely gifts from my friends and family.
My mum transferred £200 across as I was struggling to pay my rent, so unfortunately this money was swallowed up on that. However, my dad and stepmum got me lots of makeup, perfume, lotions and potions for a relaxing bath as well as yummy expensive chocolates and nice clothes.
My nan gave me a £45.00 gift voucher for River  and I had absolutely no problems whatsoever in spending that! I brought a gorgeous black cardigan/coat which had fur around the collar that I absolutely LOVE!
My best friend brought me a box of coconut soaps and creams from the body shop which smell delicious! In fact, I just want to eat it instead of using it on my body! As well as a mascara which I was in desperate need of!
Overall, I was really lucky and Christmas was fabulous!
Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas break and got lots of lovely presents.

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