Friday, 24 January 2014

Plans after graduation

When I finish Uni in May, I’m planning to work for 6 months in a magazine or newspaper and save save save! In November, I finally graduate and that will be the official end of such a rollercoaster of a ride. I’m hoping for a first, but aren’t we all? I’ll likely get a 2:1 if I put the work in and stop procrastinating!
I’m a very enthusiastic journalist and I just cannot wait to work in industry now and put all my skills to use. I’m currently working on a project for my FMP which involved finding a gap in the market and filling it. I came up with the idea of ‘Glamour Interior’ This magazine would be a brand extension for Glamour and would absolutely work. I’ve done mountains of research and even contacted the editor of Glamour herself to ask what she thought and she cannot wait for the magazine to be finished so that I can present it to her. Words literally cannot express how excited I am about this project because there is a gap in the market for this magazine and if I do this well then who knows where it could lead me!
On top of such an exciting project, I have so many other exciting plans for 2014!
I have been in contact with the editor of Dolly – A girls teenage magazine in Australia and they have promised me experience within their company as soon as a position arises! This magazine was where Jo Elvin – The editor of Glamour started out so I’m very excited about this opportunity!
With all this work, I had to organise some holidays to look forward too, so in Feb I am going to Amsterdam for a long weekend for my best friends 21st. I am also visiting some of my family in Spain and Dubai as well as a cheeky trip to the Maldives and then in November I’m hoping to jump on a flight to Australia and spend Christmas on the beech and New years eve watching the best firework display in the world.

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