Friday, 24 January 2014

Cosmopolitan Event

The Cosmopolitan Master Blogging Class. 
On the 14th May 2013, I attended the ‘Cosmopolitan Master Blogging Event’ in London with my sister, Katie. This was the first event I had ever been too, so I wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as I entered the doors of the British Library I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. The first thing I remember seeing was a woman dressed in a LBD with a pair of Christian Louboutins, sipping on Champagne.
My sister and I were greeted with caviar, champagne and a goodie bag which consisted of makeup, skin products, popcorn, fake tan, perfume testers, the latest edition of Cosmopolitan and lots of other fabulous girly things.
Mingling & Becoming very excited
Whilst we were waiting to go into the lecture hall, my sister and I took the opportunity to mingle with other like minded people and find out there interests and what they blog about in their free time. There were also photographers taking snaps of everyone which were later found on cosmos social media sites.
The Experts
My sister and I were so excited about the event that we made sure we were the first people in the room to ensure we snatched up front row seats! In front of us on the panel were, Cosmos edition Louise Court, digital editor Pat McNulty, Vicki Fogwill, Social-media manager for Next, Dominic Smales, Founder of social-media agency Gleam Digital Kat Williams, Blogger who runs cult wedding site
Andreas Pouros, COO of Greenlight Digital Emily Johnston, Founder of influential style blog
The panel were a truly amazing selection of experts which taught me an awful lot about blogging, content advice, SEO and how to use social-media channels correctly in order for content to circulate the web.
I feel very lucky to have met Louise Court as she has been my idol for many years now. After the masterclass had finished, I bravely went up on stage (With a little encouragement from my sister) and asked if I could have a photograph with her. I must admit, I did feel very cheeky asking, but I’m so glad that I did.
The masterclass has given me the motivation, passion and enthusiasm to write about all the things I love. Louise Court is an amazingly talented women who is in fact very friendly and seems to have an awful lot of patience and time to talk to people like myself who are just starting out in their Journalism/ blogging careers. I was warmly surprised at how much she listened and gave great advice to me, considering her enormously busy schedule.
I am extremely glad that I have finally met Louise, the lovely lady who has been editing the magazine I have loved for so many years. It was a fantastic night and I recommend you keep your eyes peeled for these type of magazine events because they really are very inspirational and I will definitely be returning to more events like this one, that’s for sure!

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