Friday, 24 January 2014


Here’s a few beauty products that will make you look, feel and smell fabulous this January!
These two lovely body shop gift sets are amazing and the creams smell absolutely delightful. I have the coconut and Shea butter set and after a long soak in a relaxing bath the coconut cream allows me to reminisce back to when I was sunbathing in Barbados – as I used coconut fragranced sun cream whilst I was there.
I absolutely love the thick texture of the body creams because they instantly hydrate the skin and sink in very quickly. They also leave the skin feeling silky soft with a radiant and well moisturised glow.
I definitely think that these gift sets are well worth the purchase because at least 1 fair trade ingredient has been used in these products and over 300,000 peoples lives are touched. This gives me yet another good reason as to why you should purchase a lovely gift set. You can look good, feel good and more importantly, do good!

I love champneys body range because it smells really nice and what’s even better is that it leaves your body smelling yummy for hours after applying it!
You can buy this range in boots and even sainsburys which is always handy! I got this beautiful cream and gold travel bag filled with lots of champney goodies for Christmas! Take a look at what was inside …

I love Estée Lauder and I recently got a little gift set with the mascara, makeup remover as well as eye cream inside.

I really like using the makeup eye remover, because my eyes are really sensitive and I didn’t form a rash/ irritation from this product which was really good because some products usually cause redness around my eyes if the products are too strong or its got alcohol related ingredients. I would definitely recommend purchasing this eye remover if you have sensitive skin around this area of the face because it is hydrating and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, rather than red and irritated.
I haven’t used the eye cream as much as I should because I don’t think that I actually need it just yet. I’m only 20! I might actually give this product to my Nan. However, I have used it once and I found that it was a light cream and moisturized my eyes really well and made them feel lovely and smooth and next day.
The mascara by Estee Lauder is really nice and I used it for the very first time last week and was really impressed with how it made my eyes look after application. I love the thickness of the brush because I was able to coat my eyes really well. Overall, I would recommend this mascara if you’re after a nice brush thats not too big nor too small. I found that this was the perfect size. I’m not a big fan of small brushes because I find that it takes so long to apply the right amount of mascara onto the lashes, yet at the same time, I don’t like large brushes because I find that they tend to clump up my lashes. Therefore, this brush is perfect to achieve a natural look.
Let me know if you’ve used any of these products before and how you have got on with them!
Have a happy January and keep hydrated and moisturized!

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