Friday, 24 January 2014

Me, myself and I

Me, Me, Me 

I am 20 years old and if I were to describe myself in one word, it would be ‘spontaneous!’
I chose to go to Southampton Solent University after I finished my A levels but I had no idea what I should do my degree in, I knew I enjoyed writing and I.T so I decided on Magazine Journalism because it blended the two of my passions together really well.
I cannot believe that I have almost completed my degree! Hooray! It’s gone so quick, but at the same time, so slow. This time next year i’ll be working full time and the luxury of long lay ins and big nights out will be something of the past. Instead I’ll be faced with 9 am starts and a busy life in the world of Journalism and honestly, I cannot wait!
My Life so far
1st year – Revisiting my FRESHER year ..  :)  
My first year at university was scary, in fact it was absolutely terrifying. I am the eldest in my family and the first person to go to Uni, so I had no idea what to expect.

I wasn’t granted Halls of residence because it was my second choice uni, therefore I had to find 4 students (strangers) and arrange to move into a house with them all in a matter of hours, how daunting does that sound …
Everything happens for a reason and my housemates turned out to be amazing people and great company! I lived with 3 boys and 1 girl.
As you can only expect from a FRESHER, I was out clubbing 24/7; making the most of Southampton’s nightlife and overall just settling in and making new friends with like minded people.

In April 2012, I met the love of my life, my first TRUE love, my best friend, my boyfriend! He made me feel complete and my first year ended very happily.
2nd Year – Living with my boyfriend! YAY
After meeting Lloyd in April we spend a lot of time together and even jetted off to Barbados in August!

After our romantic get away, he invited me to live with him in his family home. I was so happy at the prospect of moving in with him and jumped on the opportunity.  His family were so kind and welcoming which made me feel at home right away!
Living with Lloyd was great, we used to do lots of couple things like going on ‘date night’ every Wednesday when it’s 241 on cinema tickets and we also used to sing our hearts out to Kanye West on road trips. We used to go surfing most weekends, play basketball on Sundays and visit fish shops frequently because we had an awesome marine fish tank in our room.

When I first met Lloyd, the first gift I ever bought him was a baby Nemo fish which we both loved before it got sucked up in a tube and we later found its skeleton. Poor fishy. But on a happier note, I loved my life, but more importantly, I loved the person who was making me feel so complete.
 3rd Year – Taking things further 
Well, after roughly 7 months of living with Lloyd in his family home, we decided to take the plunge and get our own place together! Aggghhhhh…. I was SO EXCITED! I mean, what girl wouldn’t be?! It was an absolute dream come true, it was everything I had ever wanted and with the man of my dreams!
I’ve always been interested in interior design through my mums influence, but having a place of my own just took it to a whole new level! I was able to decorate and buy home things for MY VERY OWN HOME, I cant begin to tell you how excited this was for me.
Living independently with my boyfriend proved challenging, we faced many obstacles along the way and it was a new experience and concept for both of us. We had our ups and downs – like most couples who live together.
It wasn’t all doom and gloom, we did have some truly AMAZING times and we loved each other so much. No matter what our ridiculously petty argument were about, we were always able to just have a cuddle and forget about it because we got on so well that there was never anything big to fight about.
After our tenancy ended in September 2013, we didn't renew our contract again because Lloyd broke up with me. 

Right now, I’m blogging from my bedroom in shared student accommodation. I was lucky to find students who are as clean and tidy as me. The house I’m living in has recently undergone major refurbishment, so everything is brand spanking new. I live on the very top floor with my lovely housemate, Daisy. We call each other ‘Princess Barbie Daisy’ and ‘Princess Barbie Amy’ because we are both blonde and live on the 3rd floor of what we like to call ‘our castle’

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