Monday, 10 February 2014

Reveal magazine - Work experience

Day 1 - I was so excited to begin my week with Reveal magazine but I was apprehensive of what to expect from the office environment. I kept thinking of the film, A Devil Wears Prada and I was hoping that the staff wouldn't be judgemental or have me make them endless cups of tea and fulfil all the mindless tasks. 

I dressed smartly, in a black and white fitted dress from River Island with tights and black flats. I made sure that I was up to speed with everything that had been published in the previous issues, as well as updating myself on the latest fashion trends, beauty products and showbiz. 

The assistant editor, Kathryn, collected me from the reception desk and she was really lovely. She asked me how my degree was going before introducing me to the staff and showing me my desk. 

My first job was handing out the post to everyone in the office. This was quite a daunting task as I had to make sure that the letters would be given to the correct people. I was given a map of the office but it was still quite difficult to locate everyone because I wasn't familiar with the office. As much as I didn't want to interrupt the busy journalists, I felt I had to because handing the post to wrong people would be disastrous! Also,the amount of post on the Monday morning was something I definitely wasn't expecting! I was given a massive green sack and I felt like Santa - distributing all the parcels and letters. 

My second task was to write a feature for the website. I was so excited that they asked me to start writing on my first day! I was worried that I would be landed with all the boring duties that weren't beneficial but already I was able to write! 

Kathryn came to my desk with The Sun newspaper and showed me a small nib about the Queen looking for a cleaner to dust and polish all her silver. I was asked to rewrite this story but in Reveals house style and then send it to Sarah - the feature writer who sat opposite me, for it to be subbed and then put online. Sarah subbed this story a fair amount so she took the credit and I didn't get a byline for this. 

I got given the new edition of Reveal magazine which had not yet been released, so this was exciting as I saw everything in the magazine before it hit the shelves. 

I was then asked to look through newspapers to find funny quotes from celebrities for the back page of the magazine. This was quite a tedious task but these things have to be researched and i definitely wasn't complaining because after all, looking for funny celebrity quotes isn't a luxury that many people have as part of their job description. 

After this, I was then given a few sheets of paper with addresses on and I was asked to write out the envelopes and slip the latest edition of the magazine inside. Addresses included: PR Topshop / River Island/ New Look, Capital FM, Kiss 100, etc 

A man came into the office with a tray filled with Mini Mars bar ice creams for the journalists to try and they tasted soooo good! I was excited to see what other freebies might enter the office whilst I was there!

Lunchtime! I was allowed an hours lunch break which suited me fine! I left at 1.30 and headed straight to Starbucks for a much needed meatball panini! Yum! I then browsed the shops in regents street, grabbed a latte and then headed back to the office for 2.30. 

The afternoon flew by so quickly and I was even allowed to leave a bit early, at 5.30 instead of 6. However, I got a bit lost on the underground because I was tired and I ended up taking the Southern line rather than the Northern and ending up in euston rather than Victoria, duhh!

Day 2

I began the day by sorting through newspapers. I had to organise the saturday and sunday into piles and then put the supplements back into the correct paper. I had to take papers from 3 weeks previous off the shelves and replace with the latest weekend newspapers, as they only keep 2 weeks worth. 

I then photocopied lots of papers with photographs and the price paid for the images. I then took the original copies to the finance department which was in a different building to where I was working. 

I then came back and handed out the post to everyone again but this time there wasn't as much post as before, thank godness. 

I then saw two twin models come into the office for a photoshoot. They headed straight for the beauty & fashion department and they were talking about how they landed in the UK a few days ago after shooting in America. 

Two of the feature writers sat opposite me literally chat non stop all day long and I remember one conversation was about their sex lives and orgasms ... Awkward🙊 

Kathryn was really helpful because she always emailed me work, so I was never sat there bored, twiddling my thumbs, not knowing what to do. I was set the task to browse Twitter and find quotes from celebrities for the Twitterati page. 

I then had to research and write up interview questions about Josie Gibson to prepare a journalist. I did a lot of research on her brother Harry as he was beaten up by a few drunken men on her birthday as he is deaf. I had to do the same for the Made in Chelsea star, Binky and her boyfriend Alex. I found out information about her relationship with him and wrote up 10 interview questions as preparation. 

Day 3

I finished up my research and the interview questions on Binky and Alex and then researched Daniella and her split from her husband. I was then fortunate enough to write up a story which was found in The Sun newspaper about a woman in Indiana who believed she had demons in her house. This story was published online and nothing was changed from this story, so I got my name in Reveal! YES!!!! Practice makes perfect! 👌

I then photocopied the sheets of paper with the prices paid for the images used and sent the original documents up to the finance department. After this, I then filed the photocopied papers into the correct boxes. 

I was then asked to file all the newspapers too - keeping only 2 weeks worth. Similarly, I did the same for the magazines but I had to keep 8 weeks worth for references. 

I noticed the weekly flat plan which was above the printers/ photocopiers. This was really cool and I noticed that as the week went by, more and more was added to the chart. 

Day 4

I handed the post around to the desks and by this point I had become very familiar with the office and writers names so I was able to complete this task relatively quickly. 

After this, Kathryn gave me a master copy of the previous issues and I had to write the prices of how much the images and features cost on the master. I was basically given copies of the magazine that had been scribbled on by other departments. I had to write everything on one copy and give it to the finance department. I did this for two issues and it took forever, however this task needs to be updated each week. 

A freebie delivery came in and it was 4 boxes of pies in 4 different flavours. However, these pies were frozen so I had to go to the co op and buy freezer bags! 

In the afternoon, I transcribed an interview with Mark Wright and it was so fun! I found out all the information about his brand new reality TV series and it was so cool listening to him and getting all the latest info! I found out that he went to Australia and swam with sharks! He also went to Canada, slept in a tent whilst bears were outside and then he visited Miami and dressed up as a drag Queen!!! I was laughing the whole way through that interview! 

The lifts in the office were so cool! 

Day 5 - unfortunately, I was so ill during the night, so I had to call in sick the next day which was such a shame because I loved my experience so much and was very disappointed that I couldn't go in for my last day - especially because they were having a little party with alcoholic drinks and fancy nibbles in the afternoon 😢

Overall, working for Reveal magazine was an absolutely amazing experience and definitely one that I won't forget. The people there were all so lovely and helpful . I learnt an awful lot and if anybody gets the opportunity to work for Reveal magazine then I would strongly recommend you go. 


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