Monday, 17 February 2014

Different approach ...

Today is all about positivity, hope and believing in yourself. 

As many of you are already aware, 6 months ago my heart was completely torn out by a person who I thought loved me more than anything in the entire world. We had a beautiful home together and I was blissfully unaware of what was going through his head. My ex partner dumped me over the phone and gave me no reason for the split, consequently we had to move out of our home and I was left to find Student accommodation just 1 week before I started my final year at university.

For 6 months I couldn't stop thinking why he had done this to me and taken away everything that we had together. I was torturing myself and crying practically every night, so after half a year apart I decided to go to his office which was a 3 hour walk from where I lived, but I did it. I got lost on the way so I asked a kind man working in a butchers for directions and he drew me a very helpful map. However, this map took me into a dual carriageway and by the time I realised where I was, I knew that there was no other way but to walk on this road. I felt like an absolute weirdo but I had been walking for such a long time at that point and I was only 5 minutes away so I just had to do it, even if that meant risking my life! 

I felt like singing that song: 'Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep from you!' But we're not even together and before you even think it, yes I'm fully aware of how sad, pathetic and humiliating I am haha.

Seeing Lloyd was really nice but I am now able to be free of my depressive self as I finally have closure on the situation that's been hanging over me for so long. I know that we will never be together again so it's time for me to move on. 

After feeling such a low, it makes you appreciate everything else in life so much more. This post is all about positivity and a bright future, and it all starts with a smile. 

Now it's time to take a different approach to my life and take the route of happiness! I'm never allowing a man to enter my life and make me feel so worthless and sad because it's not worth it one bit. I found two small messages that truly sum up how my ex felt about me and looking back, I'm glad it's over. 

Happy Monday everyone! 

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