Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I've just had the best nights sleep ever and I've woke up remembering the lovely dream that I had, which is pretty unusual for me. 

Last night I had a nice hot, relaxing bath before sinking into my big double bed with fresh bed linen. It was heaven! 

I dreamt that I finished my degree and was thankfully able to wave goodbye to southampton and never return again. I was living in my own apartment and Glamour Interior - the brand extension magazine that I'm currently putting together for my FMP had taken off and Glamour had actually invested into it and I was obviously the editor. 

My life seemed bliss and what made my dream so good was that I jumped on a plane and headed to Australia. I've realised that my true happiness comes from doing the things I love, being in charge of my life and destiny as well as living in a baking hot climate. 

I saw this quote last night and thought it would fit nicely here 

You only live once so do what you want and have no limits! This little message really stood out for me and made me realise how I have been conforming to what's seen as normal and right in society. 

Start living today ....

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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