Friday, 23 May 2014

My colourful hair trip!

I used to have really healthy, long, naturally brunette hair until I stupidly decided to completely dye it bleach blonde 2 years ago and unfortunately my hair has never fully recovered.

This is me in 2011 with Megan, one of my best friends at University. I can't believe this was 3 years ago! Time really does fly by :(

My sister, Katie dyed my hair in the garden at my Mums house that summer. My Mum went absolutely mental and kicked us both out the house for some reason... I had soaking wet hair from where Katie had tried washing out the dye and we ended up in Spoons toilets drying my hair haha .. classy!

My stepmum whose a hairdresser had to then help make my hair look better by applying a full head of blonde highlights to my brunette hair. The result was this ...

My hair looks in pretty good condition considering it had been completely bleached from brunette to bleach blonde. However, as time passed I had to constantly have my roots done and consequently my hair started to fall out and become extremely thin and unhealthy. 

As you can start to notice from the pictures, my hair was starting to get worse and worse. I never really looked after it by applying deep conditioning masks or avoiding heated appliances, therefore it kept getting worse. 

I started missing my gorgeous long, healthy locks and decided to buy hair extensions to give me some volume and thickness. I wanted my brunette hair back again and stupidly dyed it brunette again. 

From this point, I knew I had to start sorting my hair out and looking after it more. From here onwards, I invested in so many different highstreet products that claimed to make your hair grow thicker. My favourite product was the L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology thickening shampoo and conditioner as well as the deep conditioning mask. I bought these products from Boots and was pleased with the results, so I will keep purchasing these until my hair is back to its normal, healthy thickness. 

My top tip is NEVER dye your hair... Jokes! But if you do make sure you always look after it otherwise you'll pay a massive price for the mistake and be left with thin, short, horrible, brittle hair and nobody wants that. 

What hair products do you use? 

Amy xx 

I'm back!

Hello everyone!

Today is such a miserable day, so I've decided to spend some time working on my blog and updating everyone with what's been going on recently. (Apologies for not blogging in a while, I have been extremely busy.)

Firstly, I can very happily say that I have completely finished my degree! Thank god! It has been a 3 year roller-coaster and I can only hope that it's all been worth the hard work, late nights and huge amounts of effort.

Since February, I have been working solidly on my FMP - dissertation so I have neglected my blog a lot but the good news is that now my degree is finally finished, I can blog all day, everyday!

MY FMP was a brand extension for Glamour magazine, called Glamour Interior. I came up with the concept of creating a unique magazine that would be useful for first time buyers that want glamorous interior, on a budget. I thought the magazine was so good and I'm not just saying that because I came up with the idea and then created the mag from scratch. I honestly think that many girls buying a house would purchase this magazine because if you think about it, what interior magazines are out there for our age group? Ermmm literally none, so I think this is a really good idea!

As you can imagine, creating a magazine from scratch and all by myself took MONTHS! Yes, months, quite literally! So, it's really nice to finally chill out and return back to my lovely blogging world.

I contacted the Editor of Glamour magazine and informed her of this interior magazine and she was very keen for me to come in and show it to her. I need to email her back but it's such a massive and scary thing... aggghh!

I've definitely decided that I want a break away from Journalism for a few years and chill out before starting my career. I mean, the thought of leaving my student lifestyle and going into a full time position just seems like absolute hell to me. Many of my Uni friends are going travelling and taking more time out to just do what they want. For many people who work full time already and haven't experienced the student way of life, would probably read this in absolute horror, but nowadays this is what so many people are doing and it seems to be perfectly accepted.

A way that I relax is by lying on a sunbed for about 10 mins, closing my eyes and imagining i'm in Barbados or somewhere exotic, so I've decided that instead of splashing more cash that I don't have on alcohol and travelling the world, I will hopefully secure a job as an air hostess. I mean, spending endless days in the sun definitely appeals to me!

Sorry again for not blogging for a while but hopefully now I will be back to regular postings. If you have any specific topics that you would like me to cover then please just hollaaaaa!

Amy xx